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The OpenNETCF VirtualAgent, at its core, is a cross-platform implementation of an MTConnect Agent capable of running on any platform that can execute code meeting the Common Language Interface (CLI) such as C# or VB.NET.

An example of a Machine Simulator that publishes data using the MTConnect protocol is included (data from the simulator can be viewed with a browser or with an MTConnect client application such as the one that ships with the SDK).


Like the OpenNETCF MTConnect Managed SDK, the VirtualAgent is also a shared-source project licensed under the MIT Shared Source License.

By their very nature, all MTConnect Agent's must have a web server. The VirtualAgent implementation in this code base uses OpenNETCF's Padarn Web Server as it's web server. Padarn is a commercial product and an evaluation version is included in the 'Third Party' folder, however it is not required that you use Padarn for your own implementation. We have the web server usage abstracted to an interface in the code base so you are free to use any web server you would like. Padarn is simply a known-good implementation, it's likely to be the only web server we use for testing, and sales of Padarn is how we fund the development for this project as well as the MTConnect Managed SDK so obviously we'd apprciate it if you'd at least consider using it.

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